The salient features of for libraries are:

  •    Subscription for e-packages available in various subjects.
  •    Option of Pick ‘n’ Choose as per your requirement.
  •    Patron Driven Access will be launched very soon.
  •    Rental models will also be available in the near future.
  •    Notification to registered members via regular updates and e-mails.

Benefit for your members:

provides an easy access to books on any subject for readers across the globe. Providing a great facility, the portal lets members save on their efforts and time. Globally accepted subject classification is being used to make a quick search possible for the content required.

The salient features of are:

  •    Accessibility to the services from anywhere at any given time.
  •    Uploaded e-texts useful for various levels of study and research.
  •    The option of purchasing and renting an e-book is available even if the reader is outside the I.P range.
  •     notifies registered members via regular updates and e-mails.
  •    App can be downloaded on Android and iOS-based devices in the second phase.

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