We are here to help you to increase your sales worldwide by providing a platform where you can easily upload your content in the Digital format.


Dedicated team of will sell and promote the aggregated e-content to various Libraries, Corporates & others globally.

The software of platform is being developed & managed by a team of IIT Delhi professionals.

is equipped with State of the Art DRM (Digital Rights Management) software to protect the content from unauthorized copying/downloading.

It has got all the built-in latest technologies for a seamless operation with flawless security. It is also robust enough to face all kinds of cyber challenges.

The major benefits for publishers are:

  •    Content is accessible 24X7.
  •    Millions of new users will become available globally.
  •    Major Libraries in India & around the world are the potential customers.
  •    Major Hospitals, Medical Institutions besides Corporates are included in                the list of prospective customers.

App for both Android & iOS, will be launched in the second phase.

will help you to achieve more not only in terms of monetary benefits but will also make your content accessible to new markets where you have never reached before.

The content will be available to the potential users in various evolving models like Subscription, Pick ‘n’ Choose, Patron Driven Access, Rental models etc.

Major focus markets for will be:

  •    Universities & Colleges
  •    Government & Semi-Government Institutions.
  •    Corporates & Corporations
  •    Hospitals & Medical Institutions
  •    Public & Private Libraries
  •     Research Organizations
  •     Schools
  •    Students & Individuals

will be participating in major Library events, Conferences & Book Fairs globally.

  •    New Delhi World Book Fair (9th to 17th January 2016)
  •    London Book Fair (12th to 14th April 2016)
  •    Tokyo International Book Fair (23rd to 25th September 2016)
  •    Frankfurt Book Fair. (19th to 23rd October 2016)
  • Taking the vision of Digital India forward & reaching it out to the Gen Y, we welcome you at

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