• What are e-books? Why should I use e-books?
  • e-books are electronic books, produced and published through latest electronic technology. They are easily readable on PCs, laptops, tablets, e-book readers, smartphones etc.

e-books are strongly recommended as they are more economic in comparison to paper books. They can be accessed anywhere whether you are online or offline. In addition, you can also easily search for terms in the book and can retrieve pages and bookmarks. They are also light in weight and are greener as they save paper which in turn save trees.


  • Do I need a special software or hardware to read e books?
  • No special software or hardware is required to read e-books. All you require is PC/Laptop/e-book reader or smart phone to read the e-books including access to our portal by way of subscribing to it.


  • How long my e-book will be accessible to me?
  • Access to e-book depends upon the subscription period, you or your library has purchased.


  • How can I download, print or copy my e-book?
  • This depends on the subscription package you have purchased. Secondly our e-books are protected by world leading Digital Right Management (DRM) Technology which may prevent downloading, print or copy an e-book.


  • Which format should I choose?
  • This depends on the type of device you wish to use.


  • What is your refund policy?
  • Refund depends upon the Purchase Model you have taken, but all refunds are at the sole discretion of the company.


  • What should I do if I forget my users password?
  • It is very simple, just go to the homepage and click Forgot Password. Few simple questions will be asked and you will receive your password on your email account.


  • What if I am not able to access an e-book or face some other problem?
  • In this case you are advised to write us an email describing your problem faced while using our portal or e-books/e-journals on support@elib4u.com or contactus@elib4u.com . We will resolve the problem ASAP or within 48 hours.